How To Rewire Your Mind For Success In 7 Steps

Success leaves clues… When you look at successful people, you’ll almost always see qualities in their behavior that you can learn from to become more successful yourself.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to try and learn whatever you can from these people.

What can you learn from them?

There are lots of things but a few points that may be coming to mind are:

• Strong drive, passion and determination
• Confidence in themselves
• Willingness to take some risks
• Creativity, inventiveness and willingness to try new things
• Positivity and optimism

These may people who come into your workplace, looking nice and often well dressed.

They work themselves up the corporate ladder. Maybe you’ve been around their house and seen that it is completely pristine and beautifully decorated. They seem to do just the right things to succeed in whatever they decide to do.

You would hate these people… if only they weren’t so uplifting and great to be around! Which of course just makes it all the more frustrating…

But instead of being frustrated, you have the choice of being inspired. What is it that they have that you don’t? Be objective instead of beating yourself down (you’re probably better at some things they’re not). How can you go about accomplishing the same things for yourself? How can you be better? That is the purpose of this post to help you be more like successful people, so you can attract more success in your life.

Here are 7 steps you can take to better position yourself for success…

Step 1: Know What You Want:

The first step to success is to know exactly what you want. You have to know your passions and your dreams and you need to know what motivates you. It might sound simplistic but it’s something that all too many people are completely unaware of. Just wanting to make a lot of money is not enough. Figure out what kind of life you want and what inspires you. Ask someone what their dream is and they might tell you “I want to make $10,000 per month”. That’s not exactly a very inspiring goal… think about why you want to make that much money and what will you do with it when you have it. It’s what you’ll do with the money that’ll get you going.

What if you aren’t one of those people who has always had a singular dream? Who has always known exactly what they wanted? What can you do then to accomplish your goals?

To solve this problem, a good strategy is to think in terms of “visions” rather than goals. What is your “vision” for the future? Picture your perfect future and picture what life would be like if you had everything go exactly your way.

There will be some abstract concepts and some tangibles but either way, you can start to break it down into things that you can actually accomplish.

Another tip? Ask yourself when in your life you have been happiest. And what was it about that time that made you so happy?

Step 2: Break it Down Into Small Goals

Next, you need to break down that abstract vision into smaller goals that you can move toward. That means that you stop thinking in the long term and stop thinking about grand visions – instead you think about small steps you can take every day, or that you can take every week, that will help you to get to the point that you need to be at.

For example, if your vision involves being in better health, then your daily steps might be to eliminate one bad eating habit every week until you’ve stopped eating unhealthy food altogether. If your goal is to successfully market online, then you might test one marketing method every week and develop your own marketing gameplan… you get the idea.

Instead of daydreaming take action, don’t get caught in analysis paralysis… Taking action makes things happen, create a balance between thinking and taking action that moves you forward.

Step 3: Keep Your Vision in Mind

While performing these small steps though, you must always keep that overarching vision in mind. This is what will have the emotional hook for you and it’s what is going to give you the impetus to keep going even when you’re tired.

And this is also why it’s so important that your vision be true to who you are – that this is really want you want from life and not what you think you should want – or what other people want for you.

Too often we chase after goals that we associate with “success” based on other people’s perception of success. If your goal is to become CEO for example, then there’s a good chance that this is actually just your idea of what success should look like – rather than what you really want.

Think once again about the people in your life and from the media who are truly successful. These people are truly passionate about what they do. These people wake up every morning excited to work toward their goal. And it’s because of that that they never tire, that they never run out of energy. Think about people like Thomas Edison, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dwayne Johnson, about Usain Bolt… have you ever seen these people looking tired and disinterested? Can you imagine them getting home and slumping on the couch because they’re too tired and too disheartened to work?

Studies show us that when people really believe in what they’re saying, it comes across in their body language. And when that happens, they become that more fascinating and that much more persuasive. This is why it is so important that you believe in your dream and that you truly know what it is you want from life.

Step 4: Invest in Yourself

Your next step is to invest in yourself. That can mean many things – it can mean that you spend more money on your clothes and your hair cut. It can mean that you invest in training or lessons in order to expand your skillset. Or it can mean that you get to the gym and work out.

Why? Because when you take care of yourself, it changes the way you feel and the way that others think about you.

When you’re in good physical shape, you will take up more physical space and have more “presence”. At the same time, you’ll have more energy and won’t feel as tired. Even your mood will improve!

And you’ll look sexier too – sexier in your clothes and even more professional. You become more impressive. And as a result, you start to do better in your love life and in your career. When you look awesome in a suit, you look more professional. When you look more professional you make more sales. And when you make more sales, your employers become more likely to give you a raise.

It’s a virtuous cycle and it becomes self-sustaining. But all you really need to know is that the more you work on yourself, the greater your “ROI” will be. There is no better investment, so don’t be afraid to spend the money. Again, this is something that nearly every highly successful individual believes.

Step 5: Believe in Yourself

Now you look the part, it’s time to start acting the part.

Having your passion will right away help you to have more confidence and more charisma. That’s because you’ll know exactly what you want from life and you won’t waste time or energy with things that don’t take you toward your goal. Having a purpose fills you with conviction and with self-belief and this will instantly help you to start making better choices.

Likewise, having invested in yourself you should automatically be acting and feeling a bit more confident, it’s only natural.

But now it’s time to take that further and to really believe in what you’re capable of… to start acting as though you’ve already achieved the thing you’ve set out to achieve.

This will help you to start making use of what’s known as ‘the law of attraction’. This is a law that states ‘as you act, so you shall become’.

For example, if you act like you’re the most important person in your organization, then you can very quickly become exactly that.

How? Because when you act like you’re top dog, you’ll find that you give off an aura of importance and confidence. Thus, people will want to work with you more and your employers will want to help you progress up the ladder.

Likewise, you’ll be more likely to take positive risks and to put yourself up for jobs and positions. In short, you’ll start acting in ways that help you to attract more success.

The same thing works no matter what your goals are… whether you want to be a better family man/woman, or whether you want to be highly attractive to the opposite sex. Start acting that way and gradually, you’ll start to send out signals that come back to you in positive ways.

Step 6: Take the Fastest Route to Your Goal

You’re acting as though you’ve already accomplished your goals and in many ways, this will be true.

You can be anything you want to be – it’s only being success that is the hard part. Want to be a writer? Then all you need to do is to start writing.

Want to travel more? Instead of waiting to win the lottery so you can retire early, how about just taking a sabbatical and finding cheap ways to travel? Or how about just planning lots of short 5 day trips over the next year?

Want to be a rock star but think you’re too old? It’s never too late to be what you’ve always wanted to be! A quick way to accomplish fame as a musician is simply to start a YouTube channel where you perform. If you’re good, then you’ll get enough visitors to make a splash and this could easily lead to a deal.

Want to make money online? Then look at your current skills and your current resources and then look around you for examples of business models that work. Copy these exactly and you can enjoy the exact same success.

Some people will work incredibly hard to spend more time with their family, not realizing the irony of that. Just reduce your costs of living and say “no” to that promotion!

In other words, there is normally a way you can get what you want quicker. It’s just a matter of going out there and taking it!

Step 7: Overcome Your Fears

Finally, you need to overcome your fears. Your fear of failure is what’s holding you back from attacking your goals and making the all-important leaps to achieve your goals.

For example, if you’ve dreamed of running your own business, then a fear of failing, a fear of losing your current position at work and a fear of making a fool of yourself might all be holding you back.

This is where you should employ a technique known as “fear setting”. Here, you write down all those things you’re afraid of and then you start to score them based on how likely they are to happen, how serious they are and whether you could cope.

Once your fears are concrete and tangible like this, you can start looking for ways to mitigate them.

Word of caution here… know the difference between being afraid of something and not wanting something. Be honest with yourself and know whether it’s fear that’s stopping you from taking action or if it’s something that you don’t really want and are influenced by other people’s opinions of what you should want.

Hopefully, you’re inspired here with all the ways you can start implementing these steps in your own life to achieve your goals.

Eliminate the habit of putting off things… Learn, think and act!

— Aziz Jangbar

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