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I’ve been a Network Marketer since the 80’s when mailing postcards, doing home meetings and hotel meetings was the way you did Network Marketing 🙂

Boy! Things have definitely changed! But I must say things have changed for the better. I am sure many people would disagree with that. However, if you’re an introvert like me, you probably love the changes the Internet has brought around.

I struggled with MLM for many years until I finally realized and understood that for any business to succeed you must build a list. Whether it’s a list of customers, business associates or clients, you must build your customer/client/distributor base.

I understand that it’s a challenge for most people to build a list, how do you do it? Of course there is no one answer to that. The short answer is that you do whatever you can do, no matter how imperfect it is. You just do it! Sorry no sugar coating here.

Nevertheless, it has always bothered me since I learned the importance of building a list when I saw my downline not doing the same, so I went out to look for a solution.

I found a Platform that allowed me to build my list easily and teach my contacts to do the same, while building an additional stable income stream at the same time. This Platform also allows me to take advantage of new and exciting opportunities as they come out. My focus is now to build a Permanent Downline using this Platform.

It has made MLM fun again!

I am a simple person living a simple life in New York City with my family. Fancy cars, houses and stuff does not interest me. So you won’t see me bragging about stuff. For me the biggest asset a person can have is Time Freedom. That is the primary reason why I love Network Marketing… It gives me time freedom like no other business can!

Join me in helping people create a better future!

~ Aziz Jangbar