Hi there! Thanks for visiting my Blog!

I’ve been a Network Marketer since the 80’s when mailing postcards, doing home meetings and hotel meetings was the way you did Network Marketing 🙂

Boy! Things have definitely changed! But I must say things have changed for the better. I am sure many people would disagree with that. However, if you’re an introvert like me, you probably love the changes the Internet has brought around.

While I love marketing online to promote myself, I believe that MLM is a relationship business and building good relationships is at the core of building a big Network Marketing business.

I have had many successes in Network Marketing and built large downlines, as well as experienced more failures than I would like to remember. But I found myself sticking to MLM because nothing appeals to me more than any other business model.

The idea of having time and location freedom while earning a full-time income, and meeting the nicest people is better than anything else I can think of.

MLM is the ultimate way to leverage your time in earning an income. However, I believe that it’s critical to recognize real opportunities from money games and ponzi schemes that seem to lure a lot of people in. It’s critical because anything that’s not ethical doesn’t last, and leaves you with no residual income long-term.

MLM works if you stick with it and follow some of the advice I share with you on this Blog.

I believe that if you want something bad enough and if you persist, the universe will ultimately deliver it to you 🙂

I am a simple person living a simple life in Northern California. Fancy cars, houses and stuff does not interest me. So you won’t see me bragging about stuff. For me the biggest asset a person can have is Time Freedom. That is the primary reason why I love Network Marketing… It gives me time freedom like no other business can!

My success depends on helping others succeed so I want to help you create freedom for yourself!

I am on a mission to “Helping You Create A Better Future!”

~ Aziz Jangbar