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The Email Machine Automated Traffic Review

Easy Dirt Cheap Advertising Gets Traffic To Your MLM, Make Money Online or Affiliate Program opportunity.

With The Email Machine, you can get high quality exposure for just pennies a day!

This program sends out promotion emails on YOUR behalf. Qualified prospects click on the link they provide and you get traffic!


The catch: You just have to log in every week and submit your link (any acceptable link)… takes about 10 seconds 🙂

The cost: Just $5/month (price has gone up from the original price).

Three times a week they will send out an email to all members, in this email YOUR website URL will be advertised – you don’t do anything, it’s all automatic.

This is the kind of exposure that everybody likes.

Subscribe to it for just $5/month (before the price goes up again) and you’ll see how it really works once you start getting emails from them (about 3 a week).

Extremely simple and effective… I love it!

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— Aziz Jangbar

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