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11 Reasons Why People Fail Big… Which of These Apply To You?

So the problem is, you can’t find your own front door. You just keep bumping into walls and bumping into more walls until your head hurts and all you want to do is be on Social Media and watch other people do stuff, and forget about your dreams 🙂

That’s what’s happening to many people today. They buy a program on how to build a business online. They read it over and they know they can do it. But instead, they just keep bumping into walls and wondering why they never reach success.

The reasons they’re failing aren’t complicated, and in fact they’re about as simple as can be.

My question to you is, which of these are YOU guilty of? And what will you do to stop these habits and go make your dreams a reality?

Because if you want to start experiencing successes, you’re going to have to become more mindful of how you operate. In the end what matters is results. Nobody cares how hard you worked… if you’re bringing in the cash, you’re good.

Reasons people fail:

1: They have no clear purpose – If you don’t know what you want, you’ll never get it. Decide what you want, write it down in detail and reread it daily.

2: They don’t plan – once you’ve got your purpose, you can create a proper plan for achieving that goal. The plan doesn’t need to be perfect or include every small step along the way (it’s ok to modify your plan along the way). But it should be enough to do 2 things: Give you a clear of how you’re going to achieve your goals and also get you started and keep you going.

3: They look for reward without work – Often people want the outcome but they don’t want to work and put effort into learning. New skills are acquired over time by learning from others as well as trial and error and businesses take a lot of effort and time. For example, people who want a million dollar online business starting immediately are going to be sorely disappointed when they realize that online marketing is a skill that takes time to master. There are no push button get rich methods to fall back on, but if you’re willing to put in the work to learn new skills, you can almost certainly build a lucrative business over time.

4: They’re rigid and won’t pivot… remember your goal is to achieve the end result and not fall in love with the process – Imagine chasing a vein of gold through the mountain. You spend six months trying to find it. Then one day when you’re out for a walk you see something sparkling. An hour of digging and you’ve already found more gold than you have in the previous six months. Do you stick with the old mine or pivot to the new one? You’ve got a new business idea and you’re working hard to achieve it. The problem is there’s no demand for what you want to create. You could stick with it and try to educate people on why they should want what you have. Or you
can pivot and offer them what they want. It’s not easy to pivot when you’ve already spent a great deal of time and money on the project, but sometimes it’s exactly what you need to do.

5: They’re not mentally prepared for failure – failure is part of success. Just as you can’t invent a lightbulb without first finding a lot of ways it won’t work, business and life can bring missteps before success. You try something and it doesn’t work. Maybe you feel stupid. Maybe you even look stupid if you did this in front of other people. If you’re mentally prepared for setbacks, then you know this is simply part of the process and you keep going. But if you crawl into your shell at the first sign of trouble, then you’re never going to be successful.

6: They care what others think and say – it’s easier to swim with the flow, to do what others expect of you and to never rock the boat. To heck with that because it’s dull, monotonous and will get you nowhere interesting.
If you want to succeed, you’re going to have to swim against the current, do things that get you criticized by others and not give a darn.

7: They lack perseverance – I suspect that more people fail because of this one flaw than any other. Think about it… if you never give up, then it’s almost inevitable that you will succeed. To put it another way, many people stop just inches short of gold and go home. Also, as you persevere you’ll see that people will start following you or start supporting you more.

8: They lack confidence – it doesn’t matter how much you know or how much talent you have. If you don’t believe in yourself, your efforts will be weakened by your own doubts. Believe in your goals and your ability to reach them and know that you will figure things out as you progress.

9: They don’t network – if you don’t invest time in building strong relationships with those who can help you, then you will miss the majority of opportunities that could have come your way.

10: They’re easily distracted – if you can’t focus on what you want to accomplish, then you’ll never OH LOOK A SQUIRREL!

11: They rationalize – Winners analyze what went wrong. Losers rationalize and offer excuses for why they don’t succeed. Do your best to learn everything about what happened and why it happened, and then use that knowledge in your next attempt.

Now here’s the real problem: I’m guessing you already knew most of what you just read, and yet it’s possible you are still guilty of one or more of these obstacles to success. What should you do?

It’s up to you, of course, but what you might do is choose the one you think you most need to work on, and then devise a simple plan to change things. For example, if you’re not networking (number 9) then you might make
contacting one new person each day your next goal. Because little changes performed daily can have a tremendous impact on your life and your success over time.

~ Aziz Jangbar

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